24Option Review

This 24Option review points out the fact that 24Option has had the distinction of being one of the relatively newer players in the entire binary options trading platforms space and yet has managed to carve out a unique and distinct position for itself, with a reputation to boot which is as solid as solid can get!
On 24Option, investors can easily invest and trade in currencies, commodities, stocks and indices, requiring nothing more than an Internet connection to do so, whereby they can invest or trade from just about any part of the world.


The look and feel of the entire 24Option binary trading interface is classy and contemporary, with a black and gold color scheme which lends it richness as well as a distinct identity which is clearly unmistakable on one hand and at the same time, very stylish and soothing.

Navigating through this binary trading interface is relatively simple and easy since there aren’t too many complicated menu options to choose from. Whether as an investor you are looking to trade in say High, Low, One Touch or Boundary kind of options, you will find the going really very easy. Registering on the site is an absolute breeze and you will be good to go as far as using the site is concerned within no time at all.
The same can be said about the language options on 24Option as well which are vast such as English and other major global languages such as German, Spanish and French to name only a few.

Moreover, given the spurt in mobile or handheld connectivity which has come about in recent times across the world, it comes as no surprise that 24Option can be accessed with as much ease on a computer as it can be accessed on a handheld which includes your everyday mobile phone or a tablet, such as an iPad. This is definitely a huge advantage as far as trading on 24Option is concerned since it gives you as an investor or trader the much needed leeway to trade and invest just about any time and anywhere, especially say during the course of your routine traveling mandates.

Payout Structure

The money payout structure on binary platform 24Option is quite robust with returns on investment which can easily be considered as nothing short of spectacular!
As an instance, if you are to look at common options such as the regular boundary Option, the High/Low Option, as well as the Touch/No Touch Option, and indeed the 60 Seconds Option as well, you will find that payouts are as phenomenal as in the range of 65 – 80% of the invested amount!
Likewise, if you are to invest in Yield Touch and High Yield Boundary Options, where returns on investment anyway tend to be even higher, in the case of 24Option, those high returns actually amount to as much as 380 – 500%!

Clearly, as far as the payout structure on 24Option is concerned, it is robust and very generous which in turn encourages more and more individuals to place their stakes on the wide range of investment and trading options which the platform has on offer to one and all.


The asset classes which investors and traders can place their stakes on binary platform 24Option include:
• A very wide range of Stocks
• Commodities like oil, gold and silver among others
• Market Indices from across the world such as FTSE, Dow Jones, DAX, S&P500 and so on
• Forex, in the form of currencies from around the world

Customer Support

In the course of preparing this review, we noted that customer support on 24Option is of very high caliber. First up, there is a plethora of resources available on the website which all novice investors or traders can use to learn the tricks of the trade with ease. After all, for a lot of people out there, not only are they themselves new to investing and trading this way, the very phenomenon of binary options is by itself new even to otherwise seasoned investors!

So in a sense, 24Option provides all the options by which investors from all walks of life can easily educate themselves on the aspects relevant to binary options.

Bonus and Accounts

Bonuses on 24Option are well and truly handsome with a generous stream of bonuses on offer for all members.
For instance, while the Gold and Platinum account holders get to enjoy extensive bonuses, Standard account holders also get to enjoy special bonuses as well. This in many ways is a distinct feature of 24Option since many other binary options trading platform offer bonuses only to special account holders (such as Gold and Platinum in this case).
On 24Option, Platinum account holders enjoy additional privileges in the form of free withdrawals as well.

Deposit and Withdraw

A brilliant feature on binary platform 24Option is the wide range of money deposit as well as withdrawal options that it offers to all users. If we take deposit alone, we find that there are options galore such as:
• Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard only);
• Wire Transfer;
• Electronically, via services such as Liberty Reserve and MoneyBookers

Minimum deposit amounts vary as per the chosen deposit mode which is as follows:

• Credit Cards – $250 or its equivalent in local currency;
• Wire Transfer – $1000 or its equivalent in local currency;
• Electronic Payments like MoneyBookers and Liberty Reserve – $250 or its equivalent in local currency

Maximum deposit amounts on 24Option are again a function of the deposit mode; credit cards have a daily deposit limit of $10,000 and a monthly limit of $40,000 – or their equivalents in local currency. On other deposit modes, maximum deposit amounts can be discussed directly with 24Option on a case-to-case basis.

Trading Currencies Accepted

24Option accepts only 4 trading currencies which are:
• US Dollar
• Euro
• British Pound
• Japanese Yen
Further, this choice of trading currency cannot be altered later on so must be chosen with adequate thought.

Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal options on 24Option are just as plentiful; typically the same options used to deposit into one’s account are used for withdrawing one’s earnings.


In concluding this review, we can easily state that 24Option is by far one of the best binary options trading platforms out there for you to earn some real hard money. So if you are an aspirant binary options trader – or have been doing so in moderation on other platforms, consider trading on 24Option without much ado.